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Soccer is in the air

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

For the last several weeks soccer has been in the air.  Seems like everywhere the spring leagues are firing up.  Practices during the week and the games on the weekends. 

Parents running to and fro, dragging drinks, chairs, balls, and shin guards.  Oh and of course the most important part - the star of the show... we're talking about those that actually do all the running and kicking and throwing.

Seems like it's everywhere these days.

Taking pictures of little league soccer games is kind of where this hobby really took off as something more than a just taking a picture and tweaking it in Photoshop.

Several years ago, when I was doing this - basically just started out taking pictures of the kids that were close to me.  It wasn't long before, word gets out, someone shares a picture or two, and then others want to view.   That is when I first learned that there is some value to this hobby.

That is kind of where we find ourselves at the moment.

So if you've seen me around, a local field taking pictures.  Don't hesitate to come up and say hello and ask some questions.  

M ost of the pictures currently being taken are behind a d firewall and one would need an access code to view.  But by all means if your child was in one of the matches, and you may be curious as to what kind of pictures there are if any.  Like I said don't hesitate to contact me.

It typically takes about a week for me to take any new photos and get them up on the website to where they can be viewed.   But once it's up, the website is pretty easy to navigate.  Shopping carts, comments, etc.  All one needs is the pass code.

I'll plan to keep most of the pictures up online for a few weeks or more to just give everyone that may be interested and opportunity to browse around.

So let's see how it goes...



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Soccer is in the air
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