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Flickr & 500px

Oh yes it’s been awhile since I’ve written here but thought I’d give a quick update of some “goings ons“.

When I was last doing this, I used Flickr a great deal.   It’s a photograph hosting site by Yahoo.  It was pretty much the first to take the world by storm.  Heck if I recall correctly it was even more popular than Facebook at the time it first rolled out.  Over the years my membership faded and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter became the goto places for telling people what you were up to.   Those places still have their uses, but for hosting and displaying actual works – well their not too good for that in my opinion.

In short over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to get back into the groove with many things and Flickr is one of them.  Created my account and you can follow me if you wish.  ” StanevichPhoto1 ” is the username – here’s a link.   There’s also a side bar of the most recent uploads on the right of this post.

Not to be done just there, similiarly I also set up an account with another photo hosting site – 500px.  500px seems to be a bit more advanced and I’m totally out of my element on this one.   Just going through and browsing the site – most of the posters here are pretty good and only display their best work it seems.    Little intimidating.   However this site will incorporate better into this website better and offers some other features that Flickr does not.  As I play around I’ll try to take note to point some of that out.

Like Flickr – you follow people and my ID on this one is “ronstanevich“.  I’ve done some tweaks to this blog so that soon hopefully I can start uploading and incorporating the “portfolio” feature.   Right now I’m not sure how it looks on the opposite end of things.  It too has a sidebar link like Flickr – and actually the same photos as I’m still just playing around.

Both sites pretty much allow you to view others photos, and gives you the opportunity to follow that particular person.  The also have what are “Groups” – take for instance a group of “West Virginia” – well that group pretty much just posts photos from West Virginia.  (Flickr group WV   &  500px group for bicycling)

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