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new work ~ long in the making

© 2014 ~ all rights reserved

Forks In The Road – derivative
– 1/200s at f/8.0 ISO 80 Canon Powershot SD


I think this is the very first post I’ve made an effort at writing since I started this “photography” blog a couple years ago.

It will not be much I can promise you that.

But I thought I’d share a little work that I’ve done that I was a bit surprised at how it turned out.

First a little back story.

The original image below, was take back in 2012 with a small point and shoot camera while on a bike ride along Barker’s Ridge.

By the looks of the image I was heading East along the ridge, typically I’d come from the Howell’s Mill side when coming this way, and then drop down at Dudley Gap and head home from there.

Nevertheless, I don’t really remember exactly what that ride was, hell I can’t remember what I did yesterday, much less a couple years ago, but it doesn’t really matter.

I have several shots like this, simply reach down with the camera in one hand snap a picture – similar motion as reaching for a water bottle, just slightly more complicated in having to try to work the camera.  Point in a direction and snap.

So recently, I’ve gotten been trying to force myself to get back into this “hobby”.   I wouldn’t call it so much a hobby of photography but more of a hobby of playing with Photoshop and Lightroom.   For whatever reason, I enjoy the whole before and after aspect of that relationship.  Plus over the years I’ve managed to purchase various Plug-Ins for those programs -two of my favorites are OnOne’s Perfect Effects 8 Suite, and Alien Skin’s Exposure 6.

So it seems in this renewed interest, I’ve been sitting down watching tutorials on those plug-ins and playing along.  Practice makes perfect eh?

This evening I was needing a picture for a post in my other blog – as I wasn’t able to snap one during my ride, and like I mentioned above I have tons of these types of pictures.  Who cares if the actual photo didn’t happen on the ride I was on, you didn’t know that unless you clicked over here from that site and found out.

I went through all the pictures I had and selected this one:

© 2014 ~ all rights reserved

Forks In The Road – Original
– 1/200 sec at f/8.0 ISO 80

By no means a terrible picture considering the effort that went into it – or to be more precise – “lack of effort”.  But yet it has no “pop” just bland and isn’t really a picture that stands out to me in any way shape or form.

In the past somewhere along the way I stumbled across the website for Photomorphis.  Don’t really know how to describe what these guys do, but they do a lot of work with the OnOne software and such taking images and twisting them all around to come up with some unique pictures and composites.  Plus they have done some tutorials with OnOne and today I decided to watch one using “textures”.

Basically I worked along with the video –

I like how adding the texture layers gives it this more “painted” look and feel.   Similar to how applying various filters in Photoshop will do.  Plus it helps mask some of the imperfections of the image.

Now the short version of the process basically involved bringing the image over from Lightroom into the OnOne plugin – “Perfect Layers”.  From there I just played around with the various textures that were pre-installed on the Perfect Photo 8 Suite ( I think over time I’ve acquired a few freebies along the way ) until I found one that I like.

Then using the available options I tweaked it etc.. Listen you can’t be scared of this stuff, so when I say tweaked that means I grabbed a slider and moved it to the far left, then to the far right to see just what the hell it does.  Then if I found something I liked I left it there.  Trial and error and hands on is the only way to learn.

You can always delete.

Finally I may have added another texture layer then got something I was content with and said I’m done.  I still had to fix dinner, call my better half, feed the dogs etc.

Got to stop sometime, so with many trial and errors and came up with the below image:

© 2014 ~ all rights reserved

Forks In The Road – derivative
– 1/200s at f/8.0 ISO 80


And like Dr. Frankenstein – that’s my creation!

Is it alive?

Was it worthwhile?

or is it out there terrorizing the countryside.

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