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Candle Canundrum

I took an online photo class once.  Of course I may as well say that “I wrestled a bear once” also, as the key word is “once”.

One of my assignments was depth of field.  The photo I have here is my so called homework.  I called it “Candle Canundrum”.

I remember being upstairs, the sliding glass door was open, as I sat at the kitchen table.   Across the way were these two candles burning, one on the edge of my table, and one on a table across from it.

Can you guess which candle is which?

You see that was the “teachers” question..  He liked it, just like Mikey.   “He Liked It”.

The candle on the the left is the farthest away and the candle on the right is closest, but yet somehow I was able to get them both into focus.  Talk about a “canundrum”.

It’s something I’ve never been able to redo, and it’s also the one photography, that my virtual instructor loved out of the assignment, but yet universally everyone of my pals and cohorts thought –


Nevertheles, with my newfound abilities at photography, the next step was to begin entering photography contests.

Enter the 2008 Strawberry Festival Amature Photography Contest,  I entered seven, all of which can be viewed by clicking this link and in the Galleries section.

Three of the photos won prizes, I forget in what categories exactly.

Anyhow, the biggest point of this post was really just post maintenance, and trying to get the blog and galleries pages working correctly.

Have a great day


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