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9 months and one lesson down

Good Morning..

Eleven months ago – plus or minus – I posted I signed up for an online photography class with the New York Institute of Photography.

In my more than a few years of college and the hundred’s of actual job assignments I’ve had to do since then, it really is no surprise that I’ve just now came around to completing Unit 1 – You and Your Equipment.

Yes, I’ve finally completed that assignment and thought I’d say something about it.

However before I do, I’d like to say that I finished the actual unit several months ago…

I mean like probably December ’15 or early January, completed all the sub-unit “knowledge checks” – and scoring excellent I might add.  Even did the comprehensive test at the end of the unit and birdied that – if I got my golf lingo down correctly.

Yet I’ve struggled on the actual “photo” assignment.   You know the part where you actually go out and take a picture or two then send it in and let someone tell you how crappy it is.  Pretty much the part where you do the so called practical part of what the whole course is about?

That part.

I don’t know what it was but it’s taken me like eleven months to do that.  Was it that hard? – on paper, no – take four photographs demonstrating two ideas – “Motion”, and Depth of Field.

Motion using Shutter Speed

Capture the waves cracking on the rocks

Capture the waves cracking on the rocks

This was broken into two photographs:

  1.  One photograph to demonstrate motion by showing movement with a slower shutter speed but only blur the motion slightly.
  2. The second photograph is just the opposite – use a quick shutter speed to freeze the motion.

Depth of Field using Aperture

Again broken down into two photographs….

  1.  Use aperture to isolate your subject and show detail and focus the attention by blurring a busy background.
  2. Similar to motion, the second photograph is just the opposite – use the aperture settings to establish a great depth of field where the majority of the scene is in.

Why this took so long I have no clue.  I can come up with several excuses – the biggest and likely best is that I’m just lazy and I moved on to something more interesting.  That’s not entirely true, part of it also was that I simply wanted to get out and take new photos to do the assignment.

The photo of the amyrillis submitted as blurred background

The photo of the amyrillis submitted as blurred background

This went months…. I would take a trip and tell myself yes I’ll take some photos, only never to do so.  If by chance I did, well then the photo’s just sucked.   So I decided to back off and well finally eleven months later I finished.

Not all the photos were new, the motion photos I really struggled with.  I ended up going through and finding some previously shot photos that I used for this.

The aperture photos, those are fresh for the assignment.

To view the full unit 1 photo click here.

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