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Sunrise On FollyA few days ago, I mentioned that I was taking a Photography class and so far I have to say I’ve enjoyed it.

It’s broken down into like six modules, and there’s like forty some “sub sections” in each module.  That may sound like a lot, but you have to understand that sometimes a module may simply be a video or a slide show demonstrating some point.

Nevertheless, the entire course is supposed to take something like 18 months working at your own pace.  I don’t think it will take that long, but I have been done with module one for about two weeks now and haven’t advanced to module two yet.


Well I’ve had homework.

Plus I’ve got a test to take.

Then finally I have to upload three photos demonstrating some of the stuff I was supposed to have learned.

I’ll try to post about those last two separately, but that homework one is today’s topic.

“Visual Signature” – the homework for me is to look at my 50 best photographs, and try to decide what I like best about them.

  • Is there an over riding theme for the subject matter?
  • Black and White or Color?
  • Are people posed or just doing what comes natural?
  • Landscapes or Architecture?

What patterns have developed etc…

Sounds easy enough right?

I have about 18,000 photographs – yes that’s eighteen thousand.  One would think it was easy to pick out 50 photographs that I like or think are my best.

I pretty much use Adobe’s Lightroom for managing my photographs, and I’ve always been pretty diligent about keeping them inventoried.  Keyworded, rated, etc.   So picking out all my five stars is really just a simple filter.

I have sixteen.  That’s 16, not 50.

Truth be told there was more, some were duplicates, some I just didn’t like and don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I put 5 stars on it.   So I refined that and added some 4 star rated photos, tweaked and guess what?

I’m back at right around sixteen photos.

This should be easy then you would think.

Well it’s not – the sample size is small, so what can you really tell?

You can check out a few of them at this site’s gallery link – here, but for the full portfolio click here.

Couple things, and some of this I do know already – I like “backlit” photos. That’s pretty evident as most are sunsets or sunrises where I’m taking the photo directly into the sun.

I also like the photos of water where the shutter speed is long and you get the smooth cotton like effect on the water.  However the grist mill photo sucks as the actual grist mill is out of focus.. hence this class.

Playing around with Photoshop is also something I find enjoyable, so yes there’s a few pics where the effects are more prevalent than the typical tweak a photograph.

People really are not my thing, and I knew this, I only have a few pics of people that I think are really good, and only put one here.  It was taken recently at a family reunion – you’ll notice it too is backlit.

So what else can be gathered from these?

Comments – Hints – Allegations – Things better left unsaid??

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