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I’m still shooting people

The Fisherman

It has to be one of the worlds most favorite past times.  It also has to be one of my most favorite photographs.

The photo really has nothing to do with the post, as this is simply just an “update” post.

I realize I haven’t really maintained this blog over the past year, and only reall sold a few photographs hear and there.  But it’s a new year, the previous site had some technical issues that I didn’t understand going in, and well I decided to ride it out and let it expire, which it did so a few days ago.

Renewing with the correct settings I hope to maintain it a little bit better and see where the ride takes me.

I’m sure it will go down some interesting paths, some good, some not so good, but paths none the less.

Over the next several days and weeks, I hope to upload and rebuild the previous site.  Hang in there all the photos will eventually make it back.

More information about what I’m doing and what I’m not doing, photography wise that is.  If you want to read about all the other nonsense, go to BottleOfPills.Com.  LOL.

Well again this is a test post and I hope to be writing more soon.

Take care and hang in there, we’ll be blowing people up soon.


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